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Bruksela: No-deal must be off the table now

(Brussels, 13 March 2019)We are extremely concerned by the UK Parliaments decision to vote down the withdrawal agreement including the transition period that is essential for business to prepare for Brexit and the future EU–UK relation. With this decision, we are heading towards a disorderly Brexit. Pierre Gattaz, President of BusinessEurope, said:There is no time to lose. We are 15 days from Brexit day. Companies have been preparing but many uncertainties remain. No–deal will increase the costs and trigger decisions that cannot be reversed. Politicians must act responsibly and get a no–deal scenario off the table now. No–deal means chaos, major disruption for citizens and businesses with far–reaching economic consequences.Given the uncertainty, the EU and the UK should give themselves the necessary time to work on a solution that ensures a proper transition for citizens and business.Source: BusinessEurope  

Źródło: Konfederacja Lewiatan

Data publikacji: 13.03.2019

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