The Association "Dolnoslascy Pracodawcy" was founded in 1992 as "The Sudeten Employers Association" on the basis of the statute under the Act of Employers Organizations. It has been a member of Confederation Lewiatan since 8 of May, 2002.

Our aims:

The Association "Dolnoslascy Pracodawcy" joins the leading representatives of the employers and entrepreneurs from the Lower Silesian voivodeship. Protection and representation of the members’ interests in relation to labor unions, authorities, state and local governments have been chosen by the association as a primary objective.

The Association "Dolnoslascy Pracodawcy" prepares and implements projects, which aim to reduce unemployment. It cooperates with institutions working to provide regional entrepreneurs with beneficial conditions for competition on the European market and assists in preparing businesses for use of structural funds.

Our representatives – how do we work?

The Association "Dolnoslascy Pracodawcy" efficiently uses the rights, which are granted to the employers organizations in Poland.

The members of the association express their opinions on projects of the acts and regulations in different fields of Commercial Law.

The Association "Dolnoslascy Pracodawcy" takes part in the work of:

  • Voivodeship Commission for Social Dialog – Marcin Kowalski.
  • Monitoring Committee RPO in Lower Silesian Voivodeship - Sławomir Hunek i Marcin Kowalski
  • Voivodeship Employment Council of Lower Silesian Regional Labour Office - Tadeusz Choczaj
  • Regional Employment Council in Walbrzych - Tadeusz Choczaj
  • Regional Employment Council in Swidnica - Józef Osadowski
  • Regional Employment Council in Dzierżoniowie - Tadeusz Zajdel
  • Regional Employment Council in Klodzko – Mateusz Wolfson
  • Voivodeship Employment Council Marshal’s Office in Wroclaw - Artur Mazurkiewicz
  • Lower Silesian Council of Science and Entrepreneurship - Artur Mazurkiewicz
  • Economic Council of Walbrzych agglomeration - Artur Mazurkiewicz
  • Council for Beautifying the city of Walbrzych - Artur Mazurkiewicz
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